New Clients

Your pet is very important to us. Occasionally, grooming can expose a hidden medical problem or aggravate a current one. If your pet is severely tangles or matted, it is a greater risk of injury, stress, and trauma. All precautions will be taken, however, problems may arise during or after grooming (ie. Nicks, clipper irritation, mental or physical stress). In the best interest of your pet, we will obtain immediate veterinary treatments, at your expense, should it become necessary. There will also be an additional charge for the following: matts and fleas. Please read over the following carefully:

  • I give my consent for my pet’s coat to be shaved due to excess matting (if applicable). Your groomer will always notify you, may this be the case. Paws Applause is not responsible for any skin conditions that may pre-exist or injuries caused due to matts.
  • I give consent for Paws Applause to seek medical attention for my pet if it should become necessary. I will not hold Paws Applause responsible for any medical conditions that might arise after I have picked up my pet.
  • If fleas are present on my pet during the bathing process, I give my consent to add a flea bath to my pet’s salon visit.
  • We require a 24 hour cancellation notice for all appointments. A $10 no-show fee will be added to your next appointment for last minute cancellations and no-shows. By completing the form and agreeing below, you consent to the above.


New Client Intake Form