Grooming FAQ


  1. Why aren’t grooming prices listed online?

Due to different breed standards, client requests, condition of coat, size of dog, etc., prices are determined after your pet has had a consultation with our groomer.

  1. Do I need an appointment in advance?

Yes, we book by appointment only. However, we’re always happy to take walk-ins if we have availability, so please don’t hesitate to call.

**A reminder that we require a 24 hour notice for cancellations. Any no-show or last minute cancellation will be subject to a $10 fee (applied to next groom).

  1. What vaccinations do you require?

At Paws Applause we require proof of rabies vaccination, or an exemption letter from your vet. Puppies ages 8 weeks-6 months may receive services without vaccinations, but will require proof once of age.

  1. How long will the grooming service take?

Grooming times will vary by appointment (due to breed and service differences) and normally take 2-3 hours for one dog. Being on time for your appointment will help promote a seamless groom.

**A reminder that while we understand the difficulties of making it to appointments on time, we will have to reschedule you if you are more than 15 minutes late. When picking up, please wait until our staff calls you to pick up your dog. Grooming times can vary by appointment, but normally takes 2-3 hours.

  1. Do you kennel dry?

Yes, when necessary. Every dog’s needs are different, whether it be because of their breed, a health restriction, etc. If you would like to discuss the drying process, please speak to a staff member when booking your appointment.

  1. Do you kennel before/after groom?

Yes, but kennel time can be reduced by dropping off on time and picking up your dog as soon as possible, upon groom completion.

**A reminder that any dog that is disruptive to the building and/or our other grooming clients, may have their session ended and will be asked to be picked up.

  1. Do you groom cats, too?

We have one groomer who provides grooming services for cats. The appointments are subject to availability and when available the appointment time is 8 am. We have found that 8 am appointments work best for cats because we find it less stressful for the cats to come in before the dogs do.