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  • 1 Apr, 2015
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In The Mind Of Dogs: Self Preservation

Dogs like most animals have one goal, which is to survive. When man domesticated the dog we removed their need to look for shelter, hunt for their dinner or worry about who is mating with who. But they still maintain their need to survive in many ways. When some dogs are approached by a stranger […]

  • 18 Mar, 2015
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In the Minds of Dogs: Dealing with Social Issues

While I have covered this subject in previous columns, the most common problem people have with their dogs happens to be social issues. From behaving at the vets, to nail trimming, to greeting people and their dogs properly, to your dog’s sense of well-being which can be effected by the amount of time spent socializing […]

  • 11 Mar, 2015
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In the Mind of Dogs: Last Ride

I was not sure of the topic I was going to discuss in this month’s article. As I began going over the front page of the local daily newspaper, the teaser line was “Beloved Police Dog Takes Last Ride”.  The story is about another real American hero, Sultan the 13 year old German Shepard Police […]

  • 19 Aug, 2014
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When Your Dog is Lost

It is the feeling every dog owner never wants to experience. Your dog is loose, and is on the run. It’s all-in-one panic and paralysis for you. Do not let these emotions cripple your search for your dog. Gather your senses, your allies, and your social media network.  Prompt reactions make for immediate results. The […]

  • 25 Jun, 2014
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Product Review: Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural Dog Food

 When your pet needs a grain-free diet, Earthborn Holistic Primitive is a great budget friendly dog food. It is also high in protein and very well tolerated by sensitive stomachs. Many consistently report great benefits after switching their dog to Earthborn, particularly Holistic Primitive with a turkey based protein. Within a week of switching their […]

Product Review: Lupine No-Pull Harness

Lupine No-Pull Harness helped to solve my dog’s pulling problems. The Lupine No-Pull Harness has a pull-and-release action, so that your dog turns towards you, stopping the pulling action. With a quick release, the 2’ or 4’ lead regains slack. I use the RockStrap 4’ lead. It’s great for dog’s that have a strong pull. […]

  • 4 Jun, 2014
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Dog Ear Problems

Got Dog Ear Problems? How many times has your dog visited the vet for ear problems? One of the first signs of ear trouble is scratching. You may also notice an odor in the ear, redness, swelling, dried blood, and hair loss. Doggie lifestyle and nutrition play a huge role in what may cause chronic […]

  • 18 Mar, 2014
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Reasons to Adopt from a Shelter or Rescue

Your chances of discovering a great friend who complements you and your family are excellent! Shelters and rescues have many lovable dogs and cats. Many believe that animals end up in shelters or rescues because they’ve been abused or have serious behavior issues. In truth, most animals are surrendered to shelters or rescues for life […]

  • 11 Feb, 2014
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Pets On the Move

Moving family and pets into a new home can be very stressful. Whether you are moving across the country or just across town, you will want to organize for a smooth transition. See your vet prior to your move. Get the kennel cough vaccine. Update any other vaccines your pet might need. Get documents needed: […]

  • 31 Jan, 2014
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Functional Treats For Dogs

I’ve never met a dog that didn’t like treats. Dog owners love to give their dogs treats for fetching, sitting, training, and simply coming through a door. When it comes to treats, it’s important to discern among the choices. Consider functional treats for dogs that also supply supplemental nutrition. Functional treats come in many different […]