Your chances of discovering a great friend who complements you and your family are excellent! Shelters and rescues have many lovable dogs and cats. Many believe that animals end up in shelters or rescues because they’ve been abused or have serious behavior issues. In truth, most animals are surrendered to shelters or rescues for life changing events: divorce, move, death, and economic hardships.From purebreds to mixed breeds, many already have the basic social skills. They just need someone to take them home.

So, why adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue?

You Save Lives

Adopting a shelter or rescue dog or cat gives a worthy animal a new home. You save that animal from a fateful ending. In return, your shelter dog 2pet will give you lots of unconditional love and gratitude. By adopting a pet, your fee helps sustain efforts to help homeless pets.

You Get a Healthy Pet

Most shelters and rescues examine the animals when they arrive. They will provide needed vaccinations, and many spay or neuter them as well. Some even microchip their animals. Besides providing medical care, these days most shelters will assess animals for particular temperaments and behaviors. Shelters and rescues discern which animals are suitable as family pets.

You Have the Advantage of an Adult Pet

Adult pets are already house-trained. You won’t need to puppy proof your home. Some even comply with simple commands.  Older animals will display their personality. You know what you are getting.

You Receive Ongoing Support

After your adoption, shelters and rescues remain a great source to help you with your pet. They have many resources and are willing to help make your adoption successful. Many shelters and rescues also provide help and direction with training, common behavior problems, nutrition, basic grooming and general care. Some have free hotlines you can call for questions or concerns.

We admire the work of many local shelters and rescues. When you consider your next pet, consider the help of your local shelters and rescue organizations. We invite you to check out these excellent organizations in Southern Maine and New England:

Almost Home Rescue of Maine

Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland

Animal Welfare Society

Maine Lab Rescue

Maine Real Dogs Real People

Mainely Dog Rescue

New England Border Collie Rescue

Northern New England Westie Rescue

The Pixel Fund

The Yellow Dog Project

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