Lupine No-Pull Harness helped to solve my dog’s pulling problems.

The Lupine No-Pull Harness has a pull-and-release action, so that your dog turns towards you, stopping the pulling action. With a quick release, the 2’ or 4’ lead regains slack.

I use the RockStrap 4’ lead. It’s great for dog’s that have a strong pull. rok dog leashThe non-stretch handle takes the jolt out of the equation. The built-in traffic lead helps to control the dog in tough situations. In my opinion, it’s the best dog leash on the market.

The Lupine No-Pull Harness is simple to put on. Buckle under the belly, bring the strap between the front legs, and clip to a regulal;upine no pull harnessr collar. Do not use a martingale collar or a choke chain.  Clip your lead to the harness, and you are ready for a training session.

The moment my dog pulls away from me, I give the lead a slight tug. As soon as my dog looks at me with slack in the lead, I give him a treat he loves!  Now is the time to break out the O’Paws dehydrated turkey hearts.  When he pulls again, I give a slight pull on the lead, and he looks at me; I then release the tension and give him a treat. During his training sessions, I change directions often. This helps him focus on me and my next move.

The No-Pull harness does not keep my dog from pulling. It is a training tool that helps me to convey that pulling is much less rewarding than not pulling. I saw immediate improvement. The time it takes to change a behavior greatly depends on how consistent you are.

It is beneficial that my dog is well-exercised. Daily high-energy release helps him to learn faster than dogs with too much pent-up energy. All dogs can learn to leash walk appropriately. It’s all in the training.